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Zurabi Bobua crimes

Zurabi Bobua

When you are the owner of a successful business, a lot of issues and problems can be resolved quickly and effectively. For example, making sure that your beloved daughter is accepted to the Faculty of Law at KemSU. This is exactly what a successful businessman from Kemerovo decided to do, because he did not entirely believe in his daughter’s skills. Statistical data was to blame – the specialty is very popular and there are plenty of young people, who want to get to this Faculty. There are real professionals among them – people, who are prepared to become cold-headed experts, who are going to protect law and order. 

This is why the businessman decided to act beforehand. He was thoroughly looking for ways to speak with KemSU workers in the most private manner possible in order to learn how he can be of assistance to his daughter in the matter of acceptance. 

Juriy Levich - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law and senior lecturer in Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics, became interested with the businessman’s problem. And gave an actual solution – there is a man who could help. 

Another meetin took place afterwards – now there were three of them. Zurabi Bobua – the second Deputy Dean of the Faculty entered the circle of conspirators. This gentleman had a peculiar advantage – he is a part of the acceptance committee and this is why the girl could become his protégé up until she is accepted. 

But it is a potential risk, since if Bobua would caught red-handed, his reputation and his entire career in general would be damaged. This is why quick negotiations as well as some bargaining has led to an understandable commercial agreement – the girl’s future (as a Law practitioner) along with Bobua’s safety will cost $2000. 

For a loving and caring father, who already pictured his daughter on the list of the best law specialists, found this sum quite adequate. This why later on, starting from April 20th and May 6th, Juriy levich was handled the right amount of dollars and left $500 as his payment. After all, the banks are taking a percentage for their transaction and we are talking about a secret operation here! The remaining $1500 were transmitted to his colleague. 

The following plan was quite simple and understandable:

  • the girl will pass the exams herself. After all, the sum was not that substantial and even if she would not appear, a lot of questions would arise. This is why the future Law expert would need to invest her efforts as well;
  • however, in case that during the exam she will not be certain of the right answer or even will not know what to choose whatsoever, she will need to leave the space empty. 
  • according to the two conspirators, “the right people” will choose the right answers for her afterwards. It was important, since if the answer will not be correct, the girl will not get the points and her acceptance may be put in danger. However, this way it was a straightforward process: others will choose the right answers and she will get an opportunity to study the Law for the following 5 years. 

In line with the results of the acceptance exams, in August the girl became the first-year student of the Faculty of Law in KemSU in line with contractual obligations. The father was delighted and decided that the agreement with those two teachers was one of the best decision he ever made. 

It could be a story with a happy end, if not for one interesting detail – in truth, Zurabi Bobua would not be able to affect how it went even if he badly wanted it. The decision of acceptace is being made collectively. 

This fact arose during the trial when the situation was first deemed as a criminal case of bribery. Judging by the fact, the law enforcement authorities were forced to requalify the case into ar.159, p.1 PC RF as Fraud. 

The funny thing is – Juriy Levich sincerely believed and thought that his colleague would really be able to help the girl. This is why he was sentenced in line with the p.5 ar.33 – p.1 ar291 PC RF – Assistance in transmitting the bribe. 

But the funniest thing of all is the fact that even the loving businessman-father was sentenced as well. He was found guilty in giving a bribe in line with p.1 ar.291 PC RF.

Of course, all three of them did not want to admit that they are guilty to the very end. According to their version, the father was simply consulting them on the matter of acceptance, since a whole lot of parents are doing the same and the money Levich lended to Bobua because he asked him to. 

The prosecutor made sure that the truth would be proved and this is why every hero of this story received a sentence. Levich and the girl’s father 2 years of probation and Bobua – 1 year and 6 months of probation. Seeing how not a single one of them was previously trialed or sentenced, the sentence was probationary. 

Life has a very interesting sense of humor, since Bobua received the lightest sentence of them all – the statute of limitations was already exceeded and so he did not need to serve his sentence. To be more accurate and to put it simple – he got the money and did not have to serve his sentence as well. Although, he had to resign his position in the University, but it did not bother him a lot. People with such love towards the money, who are prepared to use any kind of deceit in order to get another bag of dollars will always find a job. 

Although this story lacks in some facts (for instance, how did they manage to uncover the scheme), but a valuable lesson is apparent. In order for the children to be accepted to the university one must prepare them and believe in their victory till the end. And if that faith is not enough, you should check your connections and competence of certain people. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a probationary 2 years sentence as well as newly formed criminal reputation. 

At least the her of the story will have a personal lawyer, who will help in dealing with such a situation in the future, should she study hard on the KemSU faculty.




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