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Arthur Kogut

Brief information about Arthur Kogut

Kogut Arthur Nikolajevich is a known online fraud expert. He was working under nicknames galer and ortegras. He was posing as a freelances, offering SEO services. 

He was acting in line with the following scheme:

  • he was posting a well-written ad on corresponding forums or an appealing request for a project on the freelance market
  • he was offering low prices and quick terms for the project
  • he was receiving the money upfront, promised to get the job done and then disappeared
  • when the clients were asking questions, he was coming up with all sorts of arguments in order to post pawn the deadline 
  • as a result, he disappeared and ignored the clients 

The upfront payment started from $40 and up to $200. His list of victims is filled with businessmen, webmasters as well as project-managers, who suffered in terms of finances and moral damages. Some of them never managed to restore their reputation.

The second direction of fraudulent activity is getting loans using the Webmoney service and not return those debts. He was trying to return the first loans in order to improve his reputation. Subsequently, he continued to work in line with a scheme – writing excuses, being aggressive and then ignoring any negative feedback. 

Presently all the Kogut’s purses are blocked.

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Billion-dollar bank fraud in Moldova

Not so long ago, in June, BBC World Service described a devastating bank scam in Moldova – a scam through which a billion dollars (country’s %12 of GDP) was taken from the manipulated banks, put into the Latvian banks and finally disappeared in an unknown direction. It is apparent that the scam has been in development for years, but it concluded on November 2014. The three bust banks were closed in Moldova and its economy was ruined as the society was starting to uproar. 

Parliament of the Ukraine voted to seize what is known as the offshore assets of former president Viktor Yanukovich

On Thursday the parliament of the Ukraine voted “yes” to a law, which is going to allow the Ukrainian government to seize what is known as the offshore assets of former president Viktor Yanukovich without requiring any court orders. 

During the 2013-14 Maidan Yanukovich was forced to flee to Russia. Crimea then became a part of Russia in March 2014 and an uprising of eastern Ukraine put a start to a civil war in Ukraine.